Summer 2018 - Washington

And we're off. . .


Each of the Team Members flew into Sea-Tac on Saturday, July 28. We checked out the car rentals and grabbed a quick bite on West Seattle's Alki Beach. The next morning, we hit the road and drove up to North Cascades Park, en route to Winthrop, WA.


Blue Moon Cabin, Winthrop


While conducting our fish and invertebrate survey of Falls Creek, we spent several days living together in this cozy, cute little house in Winthrop.


Falls Creek, WA


Falls Creek was the perfect location for our first fish and invertebrate survey. The large cobble and boulder substrate made it tricky to move and work in the stream, but it was a gorgeous system and of manageable size. We found a nice, healthy assemblage of benthic macroinvertebrates. We only found two fish species - Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Brook Trout - but they were abundant!


That's a wrap for Winthrop. . .


On our last day in Winthrop, the Gilbert forest fire became established a few miles west of town. Some thick smoke created this beautiful if foreboding sunset. Probably a good time to be moving on!